About Young Brent Foundation

The  Brent Story so far… and why local responses work.

Brent’s 300 plus voluntary sector organisations collectively and individually play a vital role in tackling youth disadvantage in Brent. A survey by Lloyds Bank and NCVO has shown that small local charities as opposed to larger or other national organisations provide a unique community contribution and offer a more flexible, “whole person” “joined up” response to local service delivery, that better meets deep rooted cultural and social needs embedded in a diverse community. This unique know how, means local organisations are better placed to provide a more holistic and ultimately a more effective response to those facing the greatest disadvantage. In caring for the whole person, they can offer practical responses to emotional or social needs, better than any one size fits all prescriptive alternatives. Local knowledge of how Brent works and the challenges that it faces, is invaluable, as it means that local organisations are uniquely best placed to engage directly with those that are the hardest-to-reach, because of their independence, their history and their local volunteer base. This means they are responsive, able to reach out and foster far greater levels of trust and co-operation.  In a nutshell, what makes local organisations more effective is that they deliver a unique value that many larger or national charities, business and or public sector organisations cannot.

In 2015, Brent’s voluntary sector partners faced with major cuts to their funding came together, and conducted a sector wide consultation. This meant focusing on the specific needs of young people in Brent, standing together shoulder to shoulder and ultimately finding new and different ways of working that would address and sustain local, short and long term needs. In 2016, the community rose to this challenge and came together to agree a shared vision and plan.

Young Brent Foundation

With the full support from a committed vibrant and active community of leading voluntary sector organisations, and supported by John Lyon's Charity and other funders, Young Brent Foundation was established, as an independent voluntary sector body. An umbrella membership organisation, developed for the benefit of all youth providers across the borough of Brent.


Young Brent Foundation supports voluntary sector organisations, working with children and young people in the Borough at a time Brent faces severe challenges and funding cuts.  And a time, where the need for young people’s services in Brent has never been greater.

About Young People Foundations

The Young Brent Foundation is one of four separate Young People Foundations set up by John Lyon's Charity to address local needs alongside the Young Barnet Foundation, Young Harrow Foundation and more recently Young Camden Foundation. As membership led organisations, each are fully inclusive, free to join and open to any group that works with children and young people for the benefit in the community in their respective boroughs.

A key founding aim of the community led, Young People’s Foundation is to create an innovative flagship and partnership model that unites a fragmented and diverse voluntary youth sector, and creates a strong united voice, equipping members with the training, resources and financial support they need to increase overall capacity and develop a more sustainable future to benefit young people.


Young Brent Foundation Mission

The community-led Young Brent Foundation was created by a shared local vision across the voluntary and community sector, with the aim of sharing skills, knowledge, and resources across the youth sector. More widely, smart working, local youth services that will deliver increased overall support to Brent's large number of voluntary youth groups.

Young Brent Foundation was developed in collaboration with local voluntary sector groups, local authorities, faith groups, housing associations and other funders, and has its own Trustee board and steering group comprising a wide range of community representatives and Organisations involved including BANG Edutainment, John Lyon's Charity and The City Bridge Trust.

As an umbrella membership charity, it aims to access and disseminate a wider range of funding channels to support Brent’s 300 individual youth services in a way that individually smaller organisations and groups, alone could not.


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