COVID-19 Emergency Response (SCG)

Young Brent Foundation representing Young People across the Borough is part of a new multi-agency Strategic Coordination Group (SCG) set up under the established pan-London resilience arrangements and is meeting regularly to coordinate the response to coronavirus across London. A series of workstreams have been created to develop the response across issues including adult social care, supporting vulnerable people and the impact on business and the economy. Councils are represented on the SCG by Southwark chief executive Eleanor Kelly. Working with the support of a number of other chief executives, she will lead the coordination of the response across London boroughs, in accordance with the Local Authority Gold Resolution.  This work is underpinned by flexible arrangements rapidly established to collect and analyse data on the impact of Covid-19 in every London local authority.

By pulling together we can help the Brent Community become more resilient by building on existing local relationships and networks, and by using local knowledge to manage risks better so that we are better able to cope during and after an emergency. Emergency Response Steering Group (ERSCG)
The group will change and adapt as, and when needs change, the current constitution of the ERSCG includes representatives of the organisations shown below.

Community Groups (COVID-19) Latest News

New for July 2020

The Council’s Newsletter for colleagues in the voluntary and community sectors working with them to help Brent respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The Newsletter provides an overview of how the Council is supporting communities with details of the resources and support from other agencies that can also be drawn on.


Community Groups Newsletter 17 July 2020


Each Logo shown below provides a direct link to individual SCG Member Organisations. Links provide up-to-date access to each SCG Member's latest COVID-19 Statements and details of the support they offer at a local community level.


Emergency Response (SCG)

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