Young Brent Foundation.  Here for our members, reaching out to every child, young person and their family across Brent. 

We are united with and committed to doing everything we can to support our members, and the wider passionate and committed voluntary sector, throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak. YBF as an organisation are following government guidance throughout to help us understand and mobilise our support to meet our members as well as the broader sectors’ needs while contributing to the delay and spread of the coronavirus.

We have approached this by working collaboratively with key partners to:

  • Reconfigure our support & services
  • Develop innovative and new ways of working
  • Operating responsively, as changes to sector needs continue to unfold.

As the core organisation representing all services for children, and young people across Brent, and supporting more than 180 member organisations delivering creative services. The following sets out the first steps we have put into action in preparation for the challenging journey ahead.

Our teams are now set up and in place to operate remotely and are each focused on effective remote working practices, reconfiguring and adjusting their workloads and projects to meet, local, practical, immediate needs incorporating scenario planning and modelling, contingency planning, and improving their communications in a way that is technologically appropriate and respects remote working and social distancing.

YBF working with our key funders and partners are asking our members to help us through this challenging time via a short, Needs Survey to enable us to deliver tailored support via communication platforms that reach more members and young people.

Our new Micro-Site has been explicitly created as a safe and reliable Go-To Hub for our members and young people. A hub with the very latest COVID-19 funding news, updates on services for young people, a place for all young people in Brent and their families to navigate, and quickly source up to date resources.

While our challenge ahead may be complicated, our mission is clear and straightforward. We aim to immobilise and unite a passionate and active voluntary sector to help and support, every young person and their family in the Borough to stay safe and connected through these most challenging times. Please contact us here if you want to connect, donate or support our work.



BRENT Emergency Response (SCG)


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