Global Thinking For A Future Without Racism

Date: Tuesday, 29th Sept 2020 10am

Location: Online Webinar Event


New spaces for Learning, Listening and Leadership

Acknowledged as a pioneer of British graffiti art, Errol’s own early experiences of creative learning, set against a formal curriculum has led to a deep appreciation of the need for divergent, and creative thinking within both conventional and non-traditional spaces.

Sharing examples of his work as a creative wellbeing practitioner, Errol Donald will offer insights on outsidership, participatory voices, and personal authority using culturally-informed, therapeutic practice.

Errol is the founder of Mindspray, which brings together expertise from the arts, culture and therapeutic wellbeing to promote creative learning and positive mental health.

Join us for Webinar #2 with Errol Donald

Errol Donald


Young Brent Foundation is coordinating the delivery of a Summer Programme for four weeks starting from Monday 3rd August – 28th August 2020. All activities will take place within the Chalkhill Estate.

The Summer Programme will offer children and young people aged 6 – 25 the opportunity to take part in structured, fun and experiential activities. The programme of activities detailed below is more likely to attract children and young people aged primarily 11 - 18 years of age.

All providers will have staff who are fully DBS checked and have experience of working with young people, for the allocated duration of the project. The providers will also be reminded of the current guidelines concerning both outdoor and indoor activities, including staff ratios to young people, as set out by the National Youth Agency ( ).
The summer provisions will aim to work with roughly 30/50 young people per day depending on the activities, weather and lockdown requirements.

For more information please contact

Chalkhill Estate Summer Programme 2020 Timetable

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Global Thinking For A Future Without Racism


Date: 28th July 2020 10am-11:30am
Location: Online Webinar Event


A massive Thank You to all the 270 people who joined the Black Lives Matter webinar "Let's have that conversation."

Join us for Part 2 with Lecturer in the School of Social Professions Veronica Mason.

Veronica has taught on numerous courses across education, social care and social sciences. One of her specialist areas is gender, ethnicity & identity with her current research focusing on how US Hip Hop impacts UK black masculinities from an intergenerational lens. Thus, Veronica will be exploring how the BLM movement highlights ongoing issues of systemic racism and what needs to be acknowledged to deconstruct this.

Sharing both personal and academic information that will inspire, educate and challenge current thinking.

In this second webinar, Veronica will explore in more detail The Role of Education in Race and Identity.


Global Thinking For A Future Without Racism

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