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About Grants

Young Brent Foundation is a new umbrella membership charity, community initiated and owned from the roots up. To achieve our aims, we have secured a £30k Small Grants Fund to support our members. Grants applications are open to members - any group working in Brent, that works with children and young people, to reduce poverty and increase participation with sustainable outcomes.

Membership is free to join and aims to maximize the diversity and increase impact across all kinds of Voluntary Sector providers in Brent.

As a membership charity, we aim to access and disseminate a wide range of funding channels to support Brent’s diverse voluntary youth services in a way that individually smaller organizations and groups, working alone could not.

The aim of the Fund
A key aim is to create an innovative flagship and partnership model that unites the diverse voluntary youth sector, creates a strong united voice, equipping our members with the training, resources and financial support they need to increase overall capacity and develop a more sustainable future to benefit young people. The fund aims to support any not-for-profit (NFP) community organisation to deliver activities and services, that meet the needs of the children and young people of Brent. Projects supported will target those whose needs are greatest and support the YBF ambition of growing children and young people’s services through partnership, collaboration, and consortium approaches.

Geographical Area of Benefit. Projects must benefit children and young people living or schooled in Brent.

Grants size available
The total funding pot available is currently £30,000. Grants are not expected to exceed £1,000 unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Grants will support projects that will: -

  • Directly deliver benefits to children and young people in Brent (0-25).
  • Have outputs and outcomes that show how they contribute to improving the lives of young people.

Applications will be assessed against:

  • Evidence of need.
  • The quality of planning of a project.
  • Impact on children and young people.
  • Financial need of the organization and value for money.

Borough of Brent
Grants are open to Brent focused local youth service organizations which can deliver (or have the potential to deliver) tremendous impact in their local communities with young people. The first step to making an application for a grant is to sign up to become a member.  This is  simple and straightforward. Please download the application documents on the website, or to find our more, please contact: Claire Clottey, Sector Development Manager,

Essential Information for all applicants

What we will fund – eligibility criteria

Applications can be for sums up to a value of £1,000 (more in exceptional cases and or where organizations are working in partnership BUT will be subject to the funding available to the panel).

Projects/activities/services/programs (the Project) for children and young people aged 0-25 of age, including the Project costs, venue costs or capital equipment where these are directly related to the Project.

On an inclusive basis and Projects are sought to engage children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Projects directly addressing vulnerable disadvantaged (with evidence base) children and young people. This may include looked after children; care leavers; young offenders; homeless young people; young carers; teenage parents; young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities; ethnic minority young people; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people; young people who are disadvantaged e.g. live in areas of poverty/deprivation etc.

Projects where beneficiaries have been involved the development of the application (e.g. through consultation) to ensure the   Project is accessible, affordable, wanted and valued by young people.

Projects that include matched-funding (this is not essential).

Applications which are solely for capital items (equipment) will be considered.

Each application will be judged on its own merits and be subject to the judgment of the Panel.

Applications for staff/volunteer or Trustee training will be considered, as long as there is a clear benefit to the applicant’s organization in delivering services to children and young people and can be demonstrated that it is clearly linked to the aims and objectives of the YBF.

Ineligible requests- projects we are unable to fund

Projects for the sole benefit of individuals.
Bursaries for higher education (including postgraduate)
National organizations with no track record of delivery in Brent
Programs that fall under PHSE, Citizenship.
Other grant-giving organizations and/or events/activity which has the principle aim to raise funds for other organizations.
Conservation, environmental projects, and therapeutic gardens
Housing Associations
Core costs for umbrella bodies or second tier organizations
Hospitals, hospices or Clinical Commissioning Groups
Feasibility studies
Statutory bodies to fund their normal services or activities (including Schools etc.).
Retrospective funding.
For statutory obligations
Medical care (including rehab) and resources
General charitable appeals
More than one grant to one organization
Lobbying and campaigning
Funding to meet an overspend on a project funded elsewhere.
Endowment funds
Telephone helplines
Promotion of religion or politics OR directly political or religious activities (although secular projects by faith groups are welcomed where there is a wider community benefit).
Overnight school journeys or trips abroad

This list is not exhaustive and is intended as a general guide. Applicants should contact us if they are unsure whether they qualify to apply.

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