Benefits of membership include

  •  Access to the a Small Grants Fund - open to all members.
  • A centralised web hub with downloads  tools, checklists and guides to support fundraising.
  • A venue bank -powered by facebook - for members to be able to easily share and access underutilised and free venue space to deliver their projects.
  • Individual member features & profiles on the Young Brent Foundation website to promote members work, recruit support and connect with members and funders.
  • Innovative new solutions to support greater skill and time bank sharing, between members via social media.
  • YBF organised network events including workshops, forums and training events, aimed at sharing ideas and best practice.
  • A full feature in Young Brent Foundations New Members Online Directory. A fully accessible online directory that will make it easy for young people, funders and the wider community to find members and lend you, their support.

Delivery  Membership

Delivery Members are voluntary organizations powered by people from all walks of life who actively work directly with young people. Regardless of their structure, they each deliver a wide range of activities for children and young people across Brent.

YBF Delivery Members are driven by their passion to provide support services that will give life changing support to Brent’s young people and their families. Click here to see our current members in Young Brent Hub Members directory. Members have specialist skills in a range of interest areas like arts or sports and are focused on providing young people with educational and vocational activities, youth enterprise, training opportunities, healthy lifestyles and nutrition. Some delivery members also offer bespoke programmes for young people including young carers and young people with disabilities. Young Brent Foundation are proud of their growing membership and share the same values as members regarding their dedication to improving work study and play for young people in Brent.
Join us today to Connect Collaborate and Succeed. To join as a delivery member you should :

  • Be based in Brent or deliver suport or services to young people in one or more location in Brent
  • Be a Third Sector or voluntary organisation.

If this is you then sign-up today. It's free and will take only a few minutes of your time.

Membership is free and offers a wide range of benefits including, fundraising and capacity building support, venue space and access to an entire online community of members with Free listing and web presence in our Directory so more people can find you and support what you offer.

Partner Membership – Young Brent Foundation

If you don’t deliver direct services or directly support young People in Brent but would like to improve opportunities for young people, their families and wider society in other ways like;

  • Funding others
  • Collaborative working
  • Giving gifts in kind
  • Subsidised services
  • Networks and relationship building

Please do get in touch!

Young Brent Foundation are here and ready to help.
We can connect you to members, and others working across the Borough to develop new ways  to delivering programmes, improve funding or create impactful interventions.

If you have never worked with Young Brent Foundation then why not contact US and tell us more about your goals.

Or simply apply for  YBF Partner Membership today  its Free and easy to Join.

Working collaboratively with the youth voluntary sector, the YBF is continuing to develop a diverse network of members who are keen to support young people by facilitating the delivery of focused activities and events and work in partnership across the sector. We encourage and promote greater partnership working as a means of connecting and collaboration to improve success.

Young Brent Foundation has members with other roles who act as partners in consortium bids and project delivery and tend to be larger not-for-profit organisations that act as partners on significant funding bids.

With an ever growing number of members engaged in the smarter together ways of working ethos, Young Brent Foundation is proud of its role in uniting a community and setting  high-quality precedents for children and young people’s work in the borough.

A key founding aim of the community led, Young People’s Foundation is to create an innovative flagship and partnership model that unites a fragmented and diverse voluntary youth sector, and creates a strong united voice, equipping members with the training, resources and financial support they need to increase overall capacity and develop a more sustainable future to benefit young people.

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