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You are located and or deliver services directly to Young People for public benefit in any part of the Borough of Brent


Are constituted as a voluntary sector, charity or community, social enterprise, community interest organisation or group as detailed in the form below.
If you satisfy both conditions above, please proceed and complete the following application for FREE Delivery Membership.
The application form should take no more than five to ten minutes to complete providing you have to hand the information required to complete all fields.
Please read fully through our Terms and Conditions of online Membership our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy as completing your application for Delivery Membership constitutes your acceptance of these policies and terms.
The Application Form has no save functions and contain some fields which are compulsory in order to submit. For this reason, we strongly suggest that read through the form in full and gather, prepare  what you will need to complete it fully in one session, into some kind of safe form before applying. This will help you in the event that your application is incomplete and information is lost and will keep the application process as stress-free as possible. Kindly note we only accept online applications  - we cannot accept email or postal applications.
What happens next ? Please complete the form - You will be asked to create a unique username. This will be assigned and linked to your application.
Once the form has been submitted to the Young Brent Foundation you will receive an email confirmation and asked to create a password. Once your Delivery Membership application has been approved we will send a welcome email and you will be able to access the membership areas of the website using your username and password.

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